I do not have hemophilia but am a carrier for type A, severe. I am thinking of getting a tummy tuck but am wondering if being a carrier would greatly increase the risk of the surgery?

Mar 09, 2018
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So the nomenclature is important before recommending treatment. There are hemophilia A carriers with normal factor 8 levels (>50-60%) and hemophilia A carriers with reduced factor levels (can be in the mild, moderate and even rarely severe deficiency range). In previous studies including my own, the bleeding risk seems to occur in patients with levels as high as 60%. If you have significant bleeding history and have bled with previous procedures or stitches it may be beneficial to consider an antifibrinolytic (such as aminocaproic acid) for the procedure to reduce the chance of bleeding. This would something to consider if your levels are >50-60% with a personal bleeding history. If the levels are in the midl FVIII range (6-50%) it would make sense to consider high DDAVP or factor replacement and treatment would be similar to what is done in males with midl hemophilia A. Of course the guidelines of treatment should be the same if there is FVIII deficiency (<50-60%).

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